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Further, open the crack file to get the serial key. Copy the serial key into the DAEMON Tools Pro Key. It is done.Bill Gates said his son John is not a "mythical" child prodigy. In an interview with Business Insider, the Microsoft co-founder said that the boy was always "really, really smart," but he isn't as advanced as he may have been at an earlier age. That doesn't mean the world's richest man is giving up on trying to find a cure for AIDS, however. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Bill Gates has some advice for parents facing a nightmare: let your kids just do their thing. In an interview with Business Insider, the Microsoft co-founder said that the 9-year-old son of his he shares with his wife, Melinda, is a "brilliant" boy, but he's not as extraordinary as some of his peers. That's not to say the billionaire is giving up on finding a cure for AIDS. Gates said that he and Melinda plan to keep their son John in the best schools so that he can study with the best minds. But he explained to Business Insider that he won't turn his son's into a "mythical child prodigy" who is "completely disconnected from the rest of humanity." Gates said: "I don't want him to go to a school that everyone else is going to, where everyone else is doing physics and math at the same level. I want him to be in the environment where he can have more time to hang out with the kids who are more like him, so we're going to put him in the right schools, not the best schools." Gates also said he does not believe in the "super-achiever" stereotype. "It's really not a good thing to be. You have to have humility to be an effective leader," he said. Read more: Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. And that isn't because of his invention prowess. It's because of his investments in public education. Famously, when Gates was 12, he read a biography about Albert Einstein, and he was blown away by the physicist's genius. "I was really, really smart," Gates recalled, "but in a very different way than a lot of people are." In high school, Gates won




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